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those miles upon miles of prairies but Canon
Stocken who owned or had ever seen a camera.
Canon Stocken retains to-day this remarkable
photograph taken by Wolf Head before the
white man came.

Wolf Head's next phenomenon occurred when
he went to sleep one night and awoke the next
morning with the powers of a sculptor. He set
to work that day and carved out of stone two life-
sized busts of King Edward and Queen Victoria,
whose likenesses he had seen on two medals pre-
sented to the head chief by a Hudson Bay Com-
pany official. The present Indian Agent of the
Blackfoot Reservation at Gleichen, Alberta, Mr.
George Gooderham, has these two busts sitting
on the mantelpiece of the agency office. He has
been offered considerable money for them by
various museums and the Canadian Government
itself, but he has refused to part with them. They
are both perfect likenesses of their Majesties, and
are declared by sculptors to be works of genius.

Wolf Head's last curious exploit was performed
about ten years ago. He went to sleep one night,
and Boy Thunder came to him and told him chow
to be an engineer'. The next morning he jour-
neyed over to the coal mines on the Blackfoot
Indian Reservation., and after several days5 work,
constructed a complete operating coal-mining
system. The agency and government authorities